Janis & Levon Get it Together in the Bathrooms

The Theater bathrooms, pre-renovation, were notorious amongst regular guests for the level of festering mold and deterioration which was gradually getting worse over time.

On inspection of a small patch of rusty baseboard in 2019 it was apparent that not only the supporting joists of the floor but also the dividing wall between the men’s and women’s room were rotten.  A pipe had been leaking, perhaps for 30 years.  The only way forward was to go back and rip it apart from top to bottom.

And then to decorate…. Today the bathrooms are must-visit rooms rather than must-avoid!  Alongside strong new construction and plumbing, the rooms showcase larger-than life murals of Levon Helm and Janis Joplin, with each stall featuring an important Woodstock musical legend.