Bearsville Theater

Bearsville Theater

Bearsville Theater is Hallowed Ground.

This is the exact spot where Americana was born – where Bob Dylan took the safe and cozy world of folk music and married it to Rock & Roll. Where folk went electric. Where the hometown music of The Band came to define the music of the 60’s. Where Janis Joplin took a breath and recuperated before launching her hurricane energy and heart stopping songs out into the world.

The Early Years – 1984-1989

Bearsville Theater is an auditory experience. Why does it sound so good? It was born this way. John Storyk is a world-famous acoustician and architect

The Grand Tour

Welcome to Bearsville! Come take a tour with us and let us show you the work that has been done to bring this iconic Theater back to life.

The Renovation 2019-2020

By 2019, 30 years after it opened, the fabric of the theater had deteriorated. Unable to turn a profit for many years and neglected as a result, water had seeped through the roof, down the walls, and through the basement foundations. The previous winter the baseboard heating pipes had frozen after the owner had been unable to pay the utility bills. The floorboards curled upwards, seating was ripped, bathroom stalls had no doors, and the place smelled of mold and dilapidation.

The Vision

Bearsville Theater was originally built for the music industry to experience the best that Albert’s vision could provide. Today it remains a special place where artists can rehearse a tour, an album, a video, and then perform it to our intimate, acoustically perfect auditorium.

This vision remains the passion of owner Lizzie Vann.