Ansel Meditation

Ansel Meditation

Ansel Meditation is a fundamental figure in the foundation of reggae music and Roots Rock Reggae. This Bearsville Theater show from Feb 6, 2010, was just after Ansels legendary, January 29, 2010 concert at The Parker Place (in Abidjan, Ivory Coast), which due to the demand, resulted in being two events instead of one.  And of which produced his amazing live album, titled ‘Ansel Meditations Live In Africa’, Roots Reggae at its finest capturing a monumental moment in time.

As part of the foundation of reggae music, Ansel “Meditation” Cridland has over forty years producing, writing, arranging, and performing for fans all over the world. As leader of the legendary trio (The Meditations) Ansel and his fellow band members performed at the historical ONE LOVE PEACE CONCERT, held April, 22nd 1978, at the request of Bob Marley.  Legends like Jimmy Cliff, Sly and Robbie, Philip Smart, Willie Lindo and Gregory Isaac are a few of the people that Ansel has worked with. These contributions have sculpted the sound of Roots Rock Reggae over the years, making  The Meditations a fundamental and essential part of reggae music.

Over the past few years Ansel (who has produced all of The Meditations’ albums excluding three) has been the only remaining original member of The Meditations to continue touring.  Accompanying him for almost 10 years, as background vocalist are Laury Webb (who is also featured on The Good Of Man album) and Daddy Lion Chandell. Together, they’ve been touring the United States performing for massive crowds at venues like the Red Rock Amphitheater twice in seven years.  And returning in 2013, to celebrate Reggae On The River 30th year anniversary; festival first opened by The Meditations and The Itals.

Bearsville Uncut Episode 8, was presented in collaboration with Leah Boss, Upstate Reggae, who has been bringing Reggae to the Hudson Valley for 40 years.