The Supporting Act

Food & Dining at Bearsville

The historic 15-acre Bearsville property surrounding the Theater offers excellent dining and other inviting amenities. In the 1960s, Albert Grossman bought and began to transform the acreage and its buildings, including a 19th- century farmhouse and vintage barns. Today, the Bearsville Center comprises two restaurants, a café and bar, the Utopia Sound Studios, and a number of residences.

Directly across from the theater (and connected by a secret culvert!) the legendary Utopia Sound Stage was originally commissioned by Albert Grossman in 1979. Constructed for the visionary producer and recording artist Todd Rundgren, the building was designed as an innovative video studio. At Utopia, Todd filmed “Time Heals” (from his album, Healing), which became the second-ever video broadcast on MTV. The studio, with its distinctive internal green walls, was the location for numerous video and audio recordings in the 1980s. In recent years, the building has housed a number of music-related businesses, including Radio Woodstock.

The recently reimagined Bear Café, with its rustic interior and exquisite exterior garden, holds a special place in the hearts of longtime patrons. Perched on the picturesque banks of the Sawkill Creek’s dancing waters, its setting provides stunning views of the stream via floor-to-ceiling windows. Open to the public for dining, it is also the perfect space to book for private celebrations.

Next door to the Bear Café, the Little Bear has thrived for nearly five decades. Operated by Marlee Wang, our cozy neighborhood eatery has been serving up classic Chinese cuisine and cocktails since the complex’s early days when Albert brought his own Chinese chef to town.

Nancy’s Artisanal Creamery and Café, located in the celebrated Petersen House, boasts a strong following. Owner Kathryn Spata, who debuted the ice cream shop on Tinker Street in 2017, uses Hudson Valley produce and dairy, including Ronnybrook Farms’ delicious cream and fine chocolate from award-winning chocolatier Fruition Chocolate. Teaming with Woodstock’s beloved independent bookstore, The Golden Notebook, the spacious café offers a pop-up bookshop and a lovely meeting space for book clubs, organizations, and family get-togethers.

Strolling, dining, relaxing, and creating: The Bearsville Center offers a transcendent experience for visitors.