Bearsville Productions

Bearsville Productions

Bearsville, home of the legendary Bearsville Theater and Bearsville Center, is in the heart of the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York.  Built fifty years ago on the edge of the town of Woodstock by legendary Albert Grossman to showcase his world renowned artists, Bearsville is once again making music.

We deliver ground-breaking and exciting new music and entertainment to the world.  We nurture and inspire future generations in the space that  ground-breaking artists call and have called their home. We honor and pay homage to the legacy of Albert Grossman and the many Woodstock artists who practice and have practiced their craft  in Bearsville and Woodstock.

By offering an acoustically perfect live stage, streaming platforms, and the famed Utopia Studios, we offer writing, rehearsal, performance and recording facilities of every kind including podcasts, TV and video production.

These videos and podcasts feature the best of the past, plus ground-breaking and exciting new music and broadcasting. We offer you memorable, inspiring performances in honor of Albert’s legacy and the many excellent musicians who have practiced their craft in this special place.




The Backstage at Bearsville Series

Women in Music

Supporting Womens History Month March 2021

Woodstock, NY — In recognition of Women’s History Month 2021, ‘Backstage at Bearsville’, explores the important contribution that Woodstock women have made within the music industry over the last 60 years. The interview-based series, created by Bearsville Productions, is shot on location at the iconic Bearsville Theater in Woodstock, NY and is hosted by Lizzie Vann and engineered by Robert Frazza.

The show spotlights 5 inspiring women who have been involved in the music industry through different decades. Our focus is upon driving the recognition of women in music. We explore the challenges faced in this male dominated industry.

Backstage at Bearsville is honored to host some of Woodstock’s finest artists including: Johanna Hall, Julie Last, Lara Hope, Marylou Arnold and Layla Michalopoulos.

An Americana Christmas, 2020

Created to celebrate the music of Woodstock during the Holidays, An Americana Christmas is Bearsville Theater’s Holiday gift to its beloved small town, as we all near the end of a difficult year. The one-hour show celebrates the treasure trove of Americana music still vibrant and alive in Woodstock. Locals John Sebastian, Happy Traum, Geoff and Claire Muldaur, Jay Ungar and Molly Mason, and Lara Hope and the Ark Tones contribute Christmas and Hanukkah songs,

Produced by Bob Kaminsky and Robert Burke Warren, written and narrated by Robert Burke Warren, and recorded, mixed and mastered by Robert Frazza.