Closing the lid on Bearsville Uncut…

Opening the doors to Bearsville Theater!

It’s finally time for us to close the lid on our vault for now. Our archived live recordings featured over the last few months and live streamed every Saturday, have been enjoyed by thousands of you. We thank you so much for your support and hope that we have helped you during these unusual times, by playing some incredible music.
Over the last 12 Episodes we have seen some epic performances from New Orleans, Happy Traum, The Band 3, Tony Levin, Adrian Belew & Pat Mastelotto, Robbie Dupree, Ansel Meditation, The Roches and more!

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But, we are now moving to a new Era, as we open the doors to the new Bearsville Theater for Live Events, and Live Streaming whilst we navigate our way through these COVID times.

Bearsville Theater was conceived by one of the best and most notoriuous Music Managers in America in the 1960’s and 70’s.  Albert Grossman wanted musicians to be at the center of every contract, not just an afterthought from a record company. Using that philosophy as our guiding light, we have renovated the theater to give them the best possible experience.  Using the quality of the iconic Ryman Auditorium in Nashville as our guide, we have made the green room, the dressing rooms and all the artist facilities here top notch.  We want Musicians to treat Bearsville as their second home, and really settle in and enjoy the experience.  Woodstock has been home to so many world class musicians over the last one hundred years. And they are still here with us today.  We to celebrate all the many famous and influential musicians who have walked our floorboards by featuring the music made in Woodstock on every door in the place. But it’s no good just looking backwards.   We are looking forwards to a new generation of musicians, making their way in this uncertain world too.

From when new owner Lizzie Vann purchased the Theater, were water was pouring through the ceiling, down the walls, and running across the floor, and there were holes in the roof, mold on the walls, no heating, and no electricity. To today, where we have stopped the rot, hand-sanded the acoustic ceiling and the oak floors, and refinished the walls and the bar.  Taking that original vision into account, we’ve used Mid Century Modern styling and some good old-fashioned luxury touches to bring this beautiful building back to life.  Lots of wood, lots of velvet, showcasing our local area, with comfortable touches from local craftspeople and artists.
The celebrated lounge, which Albert designed to be the same size as the auditorium, now features an intimate small stage with a handsome Steinway Grand Piano, in front of peacock blue drapes, alongside the lava stone fireplace.  And we have reinstalled the glass windows that look through to the stage itself. This means you can enjoy a drink and a chat with your friends without disturbing the audience or the musicians.

And, now that restrictions have eased, we are now able and ready to finally open the doors of Bearsville Theater once again. But what a time to open – we need to be so careful not to put anyone in danger. So we have put together our Coronavirus policies that we will be enforcing to keep everyone – the public, our artists, and staff, all safe. We want everyone to feel 100% confident that we are taking every precaution possible to protect you. To read our full policy guideline follow this LINK.

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“Music Makes Us Stronger”